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How does it work?

When you share content with us extract all of the text from it (keeping none of the original structure), it then gets broken up into chunks of text that are then “vectorised” - this means that they are converted into a set of numbers (around 1,500 if you must know!) that in their entirety represent the semantic meaning of the text.
We then do the same vectorising process with the question you ask and then do a search to try to find the closest (semantically relevant) chunks of text to the question you have asked (indicating the question and chunks of text are similar or related).
Once we have the question and chunks of text we put them into the GPT-3.5 Turbo model (like you would use in chatGPT) and ask it to answer your question using those pieces of text, its answer is what you see displayed to you.
Simple, eh?

How long does it take to build a myBrain?

You can try myBrain out by adding our help docs and see for yourself, we have managed to make one from start to finish in under 30 seconds, reckon you can beat that?
Ultimately the total time will depend on how many pieces of content you are uploading, but time spent on site doing this is a matter of minutes as a result of the multiple ways you can upload content.

What is a myBrain?

A myBrain is essentially a bot. You can upload separate content to each myBrain to use them for different purposes, for example, for employees within your organization or for customers on your website.

What does myBrain do?

Think of it like a custom ChatGPT that knows only your data. It’ll only answer questions based on the content that you upload. You may have seen this kind of technology referred to as “talk to your PDF”, “talk to your website” or “talk to your documents” elsewhere before.

What can I use myBrain for?

Here are 7 popular ways people are using myBrain today:
  1. Customer Support + FAQs: add an myBrain as a widget to your site and instantly answer customer queries based on your own help docs
  1. Research: upload reports, papers and studies and start finding information without having to read it all
  1. Internal Knowledge Sharing: add your company processes, memos, reports and documentation and get instant answers on it all at once
  1. Onboarding or Company Training: add your HR documents, training materials, company history and background and help your new joiners
  1. Virtual Coach: add your blog content, podcast and video transcripts and give your clients instant access to your knowledge whenever they want
  1. Site Search: add all your site pages and use a real (not just keyword) search to help users find exactly what they want on your site
  1. Product Search: add all your product pages and let users find what they want to buy by describing it

Where and how can I use it?

Once your myBrain has been created you will have a unique link to access it.
If you want to use this or share your myBrain then you can:
  • Share the link with others (that’s the only way they will discover it)
  • Embed your myBrain on your site by copying and pasting a short code snippet (so you can add to any website builder that allows you to add custom code, i.e. most of them)
  • Access your myBrain with a single, simple, API call, so you can incorporate it into your product however you see fit, including using it via Zapier, Make, Bubble or other no-code tools
  • In addition we have a Slack bot, Teams app, and Wordpress plugin, which you can find details of how to use in the Embed/Integrate section of your myBrain.

Can I rely on the answers provided by it, will it make them up or hallucinate?

myBrain uses OpenAI’s chatGPT to answer your questions, based on the content that’s similar to your question.
We train our model to ensure your myBrain only answers questions truthfully and in a factually accurate manner, however, no service is 100% accurate and we (or anyone else) are unable to make it so and so we do not take any responsibility for the consequences of actions you take based on the results you get from your myBrain, you use the responses at your own risk.
Your answers will likely have a much higher accuracy when answering based on your content than using the generic chatGPT services so chances of hallucination are considerably lower.

Will it show me the sources of information used in my answer?

Yes, myBrain will show you the sources of information it has used in order to come up with the answer shown.
You can also turn this feature off within Settings if it doesn’t suit your use case.

How much data or content do I need to upload to get it to work well?

It all depends on the questions you want to answer, if the answer to your question can be found in a 1 page PDF then that’s all that it will need. If you upload the Bible and ask questions about Fortnite then you aren’t going to get good answers even though you have a lot of content. The most important thing is that you upload relevant content (relevant to the questions that will be asked of your myBrain).

How much does it cost?

We have 4 different plans:
  • Free
  • Enthusiast: $19.99 per month
  • Professional: $99.99 per month
  • Enterprise: $POA per month
We can discuss Enterprise plans on a case-by-case basis, contact us at if you’d like to discuss these.
For full details of the features, the amount of content, questions and the number of myBrains you get on each plan head to our landing page:

What is a piece of content?

A piece of content can be any of the following:
  • A PDF, txt, docx (Word) file under 25Mb (as many characters and pages as you want)
  • 1 URL webpage (only the text from that webpage entered will be included)
There are no word or page limits per piece of content (although our technology is unlikely to be able to ingest a webpage with 'infinite scroll').
If your files are larger than this let us know as we are able to ingest files exceeding >25Mb on paid plans (however this may impact your content limits with each 25Mb of content counting as 1 piece of content).
Updating or deleting content does not affect your content limits,, for example if you added 1 piece of content to your myBrain then deleted it on a free plan you would still have 3 pieces remaining.

How can I get the most from myBrain?

Upload as much relevant content as you can and ask questions as if you were talking to a friend (or at least another human!)

What are the 3 different modes and which should I use?

One of the things that makes myBrain quite unique is that we offer 3 different modes for using your myBrain: chat, explain and search.
Chat is probably the most familiar to most people, it is similar to chatbots you will have seen elsewhere, you can continue a conversation with it, and it’ll have a memory of questions you have asked. Chat works really well for Customer Support use cases, Advisor or Coach use cases and Product Recommendations. It is slightly more informal and slightly more likely to answer questions outside of the context you upload.
Explain is for when you need longer, more detailed responses, ones that will not hallucinate (make something up). In this mode you can ask a single follow-up question related to the initial question. Use this mode when accuracy is the most important or you need longer, more detailed responses. We recommend this for internal knowledge use cases.
Search does exactly what you think it will. It is the fastest of our modes and just brings back the most relevant content you have uploaded. It will not answer questions, it just provides source content, it works well for site search or document search where you just want to read the actual document, not an AI-generated answer.

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