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Is this fine-tuning? What’s the difference?

Not quite, fine-tuning is generally used (and most effective) when you have a load of data in a prompt (input) and completion (output) format already and you want to use that data to create more similar output information based on new input information. It requires very structured and curated data to get the best results.
myBrain uses something called ‘Embeddings’ and the benefit of it is that you don’t need to pre-format your data most of the time. You can just upload your content and then start querying.

How do I change my email address (non-Google sign in)?

Get in touch with us at and we’ll get it changed for you.

How do I change my email address (sign in with Google)?

Sign in with your original email address, return to the home page of myBrain, select the ‘Free’ plan then sign in with your new Google account.

How do I add let other people add content to myBrain?

The best way to do this is to set up a password login using this link: (you will find it at the bottom of our homepage for future reference), then sharing that password with them.
The other approach is to signup with a shared email inbox so you can still use your magic link login.
When logging in from some work email accounts occasionally magic links don’t work. This is because they are often automatically “clicked” by email providers to check for spam or viruses.
If you are experiencing issues first try again and if you have continued issues you should try signing up with a personal email then creating a password for your account here: (you can find this link in the footer of our landing page) and then contact us at if you need your email changing back to your work one.

Which model does it use?

By default, we use the GPT 3.5 turbo model from OpenAI to answer questions. We also use GPT-4 as a ‘fallback’ model, meaning when a question can’t be answered by myBrain initially we will route the question to GPT-4 first to see if it can answer. In this case response times can be a little slower.
Let us know if you’d be interested in using GPT-4 with myBrain by emailing us at

Is this just like chatGPT?

It’s very similar although, there is one big difference: while chatGPT can ‘hallucinate’ (makeup answers and references), by default myBrain cannot, it can only answer factually, this does however mean that your myBrain will not answer questions outside of the knowledge you upload to it.

My answers aren’t correct, what can I do?

Please get in touch with us at and we will work out how to improve your responses. The more detail you can give us e.g. myBrain name, questions asked, expected responses and content uploaded, the quicker we will be able to assist with your request.

Who are your competitors?

That would be telling… pretty sure it wouldn’t take you much Googling to find out though, we don’t want to do their marketing for them now do we!
If you wanted to you can also build your own version of our tech, OpenAI have instructions how to here:

What makes myBrain different from our competitors?

There are a number of things that make myBrain stand out from our competitors and we consider to be some of our best and most popular features:
  1. The number of integrations we have for both adding content and using your myBrain
  1. The level of customisation you can apply to your myBrain
  1. The level of service you will get in getting set up and ready
  1. The ease with which you can get going
  1. The quality of your answes

How many questions can I ask each month?

Check out the pricing section of our website: for the latest question limits.

I need to speak with someone, I need some help

Sure, get in touch with us at and tell us what you need help with, we respond to all emails within 24 hours.

How many users do you have?

Take a look at the counter at the top of our site, it’s live, don’t believe us? Try signing up and see!

Do you have any discounts or promo codes?

We offer 50% off all plans (apart from Enterprise) for charities, non-profits and NGOs, all you have to do is email us with proof of your status as one of these.
We also offer a 50% off student discount on Enthusiast plans, just email us at from a student email and we’ll share a code with you.

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